About Buster's

Explosive personality.


It all started in 1955 when Buster Jenkins quit his job as a mechanic to pursure his true passion: making the greatest burgers on the planet. With $500 dollars in his pocket, he opened up a burger joint right next to the post office and started serving his signature fried fish burgers to the townspeople of Litton. It was an overnight hit. Word spread quickly and people from all around the state headed down to the small town of Litton to try Buster's innovative and creative burger.


Buster didn't expect his tiny diner to grow so quickly. With this unexpected success came a need for expansion. Buster saved up enough to buy a property on the riverside and turned it into the restaurant that we know today. In later years, he would add outdoor seating, a game room, and bar.


Now, Buster's son, Buster Jr., manages the restaurant in place of Buster Sr. He keeps true to his father's principles: fresh ingredients, attention to detail, and high quality customer care. When you dine at Buster's, you can be sure to have a great meal.