Buster's Burgers

explosive flavor. explosive service. explosive personality.
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Why Buster's?


Our staff is the best in the world. Seriously. You want a burger cut into 16 equal pieces? They'll do that. You want your beef to be cooked inside of a volcano? They'll do that. Maybe not the last one but it gets the point across.


We only use the freshest ingredients straight from local farmers. We work closely with these farmers in order to ensure that you are satisfied with your meal. If you don't like what's on your plate the first time around, the meal's on us.


Enjoy your burger fresh off the grill in our amazing riverside location. Ask for seating outdoors when the weather's good and enjoy the riverside view. There's not a single dinner with a better view. That's a guarantee.

Buster's Highlights

A top-down view of the riverside dinning area.
A view of the riverside dining area.
A top-down view of the riverside dinning area.
Buster's iconic fried fish burger.

Buster's Hours

Sunday-Thursday Friday-Saturday National Holidays
11AM - 10PM 11AM - 12PM Closed