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A New Project: TEKaholics

July 28, 2017

TEKaholics: A website dedicated to providing tech news, editorials, and reviews.

It all started when a friend of mine, Traven, wanted to get back into blogging. Traven had a small following of readers on his blog TheLastTechie. However, his last post, titled The Weak Case Against Strong Encryption was on December 06, 2016.

Traven expressed his desire to get back into blogging to the staff team of his technology-based Discord server. I’m part of the staff team of course. How could it be otherwise?

Us staffers thought that starting a blog would be pretty great, so we got to work. First was the name. Eventually, enough thinking (and a wee bit of circlejerking from my part) lead us from Techaholics to TEKaholics. 50% more street cred comes from dropping the ch in favor of a k.

Next, Traven gave us access to TheLastTechie, which ran on … Wordpress. We rebranded the webiste and gave it a nice dark theme. Perfect! Execpt for the Wordpress part.

While Traven and a few staffers were playing modded Minecraft and hanging out on Discord, I brought up Jekyll. Traven took a look at it and then asked me to migrate the Wordpress site to Jekyll. That totally caught me out in the blue. Traven HATES all things hipster! Anyhow, he provided me an .xml of the Wordpress site and I got to work.

I used Jekyll Now as a base for the website and used this guide to import the Wordpress content to Jekyll.

I showed the makeshift blog to Traven and the other staffers, who were happy with the quick load time and simplicity. Nice.

That leads me to the present day, where I’m working on the layout and design of the blog. You can check out my progress on here.

As of now, there’s lots to be done: comment system, author biograhpies, etc. I’m quite happy with progress so far.